Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Vintage Champion Products Inc. Hooded Sweatshirt

Vintage Champion Products Inc. Hooded Sweatshirt made for the OSU Rowing Crew

 Available for auction here until 5/6/2012.

We found this vintage sweatshirt that was stenciled for the OSU Rowing crew and couldn't believe how awesome the condition was. To be honest, it has been quite tricky to date because the white talon zipper appears to be from a different era than the sweatshirt itself.  After pondering and examining it for a bit, it appeared that the zipper was installed at a later date.

This sweatshirt is 100% nylon fleece.  The ribbing is in immaculate condition and still very elastic.  If it wasn't an adult extra small, it might have stayed around here for awhile.

Vintage Champion Products Inc Hooded Sweatshirt Back

Oregon State Crew

OSU Rowing Crew Logo on the breast

Champion Products Inc Label