Sunday, December 30, 2012

Some Turn-of-the-Century Photographic Prints

We managed to save these old 10 by 12 prints from heading to the incinerator. They were snatched out of a pile of old broken toys, cheap armless sunglasses, left-over wrapping paper, discarded Tupperware, and torn boxes.  They weren't taken because of any possible value, they were taken because they were interesting.

We have a friend, Robert, who works a couple of days at the small vintage movie theater next to our favorite bar. He also happens to be a photographer, auction caller, and dealer of small antiques.  Robert specializes  in old photographs and postcards.  We took these into him to see what he had to say. He recognized most of the subjects and photographers. Some are pretty obvious.

Robert explained to us (based on the paper) that these were reprints of turn-of-the-century to 30s photographs. They were actually printed in the 1940s. He valued them at about $25 a piece. We gave them to him for a few movie passes. We always get excited when we find old photos and postcards now... It means a trip to talk to ole Robert and an encyclopedia of knowledge dealt out faster than I can think.

I wish I could give you all the specifics on these, but I'm just not that smart.

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