Monday, December 24, 2012

Vintage 50s Recreational Equipment Incorporated (REI) Waxed Canvas Mountain Climbing Parka

To be honest, this gem of a Parka was really difficult to date. There is a ton of conflicting information out there about the REI companies labels and addresses throughout the years.  All that I known for sure is that Recreational Equipment Inc. started out in 1938 selling ice climbing axes, then became known as the REI co-op in the early 1970s focusing on high-end mountain climbing gear.

The vintage Coats & Clark zipper on this parka was produced in the mid-50s and probably into the very early 60s.  The canvas is reminiscent of the military jackets being issued during the Korean War.

This piece was sold to Heller's Cafe, publishers of the Kings of Vintage books and go-to design consultants for a few heritage clothing re-producers.  Who knows, maybe you'll see a similar piece in the J.Crew store soon.

Vintage 50s REI Parka with Roll-Away Hidden Hood

Vintage 50s REI Parka Back & Game Pouch

Vintage 50s REI Parka Hidden Hood

Vintage 50s REI Parka Interior

Vintage 50s REI Label

Vintage 50s REI Parka Wash Instructions

50s style Coats & Clark Zipper